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Learn how to become a wedding planner. Courses created for new and aspiring wedding planners on how to start and grow successful wedding planning businesses. 



Do you feel like you don't know where to begin? In this 6 weeks online course you will go from feeling unsure about if you have the knowledge and skills to plan a wedding, to feeling knowledgeable and confident with the right tools and recourses to become a successful wedding planner. RAE Moments is for you!




With the experience I’ve gained over the last 10 years, I created processes and systems that were pivotal in successfully growing the RAE Affairs brand. The content I’ve carefully created is broken down into courses with relevant topics and detailed information that will equip you with the knowledge you need to become a wedding planner. 




Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an avenue to ask questions about the wedding planning process? You probably have “how to” and “what if” questions. Well, say no more! I will be having a segment here titled “Real Talk with Shile.” This will be a place where I’ll answer all your questions. I promise to be real, fun, honest and practical because I want to see you grow and excel.




Let’s face it, sustaining a business is no easy task. It’s one thing to start a business and another to nurture and grow it. It takes time, attention, resources tools and encouragement. Here, you’ll find valuable free content and targeted resources to inspire and guide you in your journey as a wedding planner.


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"Mentoring is key no matter the stage in your profession. A mentor is key to your success. If you are just started with your business or have been in business for a couple of years, it is important to find someone you can consult with regarding your business and RAE moment did that for me. As a beginner you will need guidance with the event industry. There’s a lot more that goes into planning that what people think. Shile is just an awesome person to learn from. She provided support and guidance is always a phone call away. There’s nothing like having a mentor a phone call away when you are unclear about something."

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"I attended the Rae Moments workshop at a time where I had so many ideas but didn't know how to apply them in my business. The tools and tips Shile gave me not only helped me become a better event planner but also helped me overcome some of the insecurities I had with my ideas. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to learn and network with other like minded planners that day. Thank you Shile for everything and always been available to give advice when needed!"


"The RAE moments workshop provided great insights for me at a time when I was contemplating whether to start or not. Speaking to Shile helped me identify my niche in the industry. Shile is always patient and willing to offer advise when needed. Thank you Shile for all your advise and encouragement. "

Calidad Destination


Shile Bello is an award winning renowned international wedding planner and founder of one of the leading DC based event planning firm, RAE Affairs. With over 10 years of running her company, she has taken what was once just a passion and turned it into a very successful business; planning and organizing multifaceted events for many couples, organizations, and individuals.

She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and it is an absolute source of joy for her to share what she’s learned as a planner with others. Shile has taught many aspiring planners through the well-acclaimed platform of the Wedding Planning Institute (WPI) about how to grow a successful wedding planning business.

Her purpose of sharing is simple- to help others achieve success in this industry as they carve their own trail, improve and leave their unique mark. Now, through the RAE Moments platform, she invites you to dive in deeper as you learn and grow in your journey of being a successful event planner.

You have all it takes

This online course for wedding planners is created just for you. It's time to start learning how to become a wedding planner and start growing a successful event planning company and become a certified wedding planner. It's time to begin the journey, you have nothing to loose.

Wedding Planner Essentials

There is so much I offer in the wedding planning essential course. This can be taken as individual courses or as a bundle. Each topic is broken into two modules. During this learning experience, there will be practical sessions to challenge you as you begin or continue your journey as a wedding planner.

Below are the Courses:

• Course 1: Your Initial Client Call: How to engage and land a client on your initial client call

• Course 2: How to Charge: How do develop a pricing structure for your services 

• Course 3: Building Your Event  Team: Finding and grooming your team

• Course 4: Creating & Managing Vendor Relationships: Understanding the how    

Building Your Event  Team: Finding and grooming your team 

• Course 5: How to Create a Wedding Day Effective Timeline: Creating a timeline for success   

• Course 6: Crisis Management: How to plan for and manage the unknown


Build your own custom 6 courses for the wedding planner essentials bundle.



I get questions from planners all the time at different stages in their business. I’ve received questions like “How do I handle a bad review?” or “What do I do when my couple is not getting along?” Let's get real and talk about things you don't see behind the scenes. I’ve created the “Real Talk with Shile” segment, which a safe space where we can transparent, honest and vulnerable. I also promise to keep you anonymous if that’s your preference. You can access free content here that will answer your pressing questions and encourage and inspire you along your journey as a planner.

Contact me by clicking “learn more” below if you want answers to your questions.

Email questions to [email protected]


"It has been an amazing experience. My favorite part of the program is the real life hands on experience. One thing I really appreciate about Shile is her patience. From her assistance with recommendation, to her continuous support as I branch out into this industry. I salute her. I am so honored to have one of the best planners in the industry as my mentor, and I look forward to continue to grow in the program as a wedding planner."

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"What you also learn while working with RAE Moments is that you do everything in excellence. RAE Moments teaches you that it’s about service over status. Anyone looking to excel their business, grow professionally and or have someone as a mentor, RAE Moments is the perfect platform. RAE Moments is truly a one stop shop to learn, share and grow! I had the pleasure to attend the RAE Moments Workshop back in October of 2017. This workshop was a life changing experience for me and my business. The most important take away that I learned from RAE Moments is “collaboration over competition.” It reminded me to be humble and that we need one another in this business. The interactive workshop showed me how to become an event/wedding planner from start to finish and minimize the many mistakes one may make when starting. "

J.Belzor Events

Stay in the know of all the online courses for wedding planners and resources to help you grow. 

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Starting out in any business can be daunting - some days you will feel like you are on the right track, and other days you will feel like fish outside of water.

If you are anything like me when I started, then there will be times you will wish you had a bit more direction – just a little nudge, or someone you could reach out to for some one-on-one guidance. 

I love to take an intimate approach in mentoring, and for that reason, I only take on a limited number of mentees every yearThese private sessions are offered in person and online.

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