A Proven 6 Step Process On How To Become A Wedding Planner.


Do you feel like you don't know where to begin? Learn How To Become A Wedding planner through the RAE Method, in 6 weeks. Go from feeling clueless, inexperienced, and unsure to becoming confident, knowledgeable, and empowered with the right skills to become a wedding planner. The RAE Method is for you!


Before I tell you all about this life changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

Whether you’re…

✨ a person who wants to become a wedding planner who wants to go from dreaming it to doing it. You have not started out at all and you need the right tools and skills for success. 

✨ a person who has recently started out their wedding planning business but you know you lack the skills and grow your business. You realize there is a lot you do not know and you want to take time to grow your business.

✨ a person who has a passion for weddings and you wonder if there is a career in wedding planning for you, you are unsure and don't have any experience

✨ a person who is looking for a career shift with more flexibility and you want to work in an industry doing something you have always loved

 grow your business.

✨ a person who plans birthday parties and family events and you wonder if there is a career in wedding planning for you, you are unsure and don't have any experience

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how The RAE Method will take help you from being unsure and inexperienced to become confident and knowledgeable.

12 monthly payments of



6 monthly payments of



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At The End Of This Program, You Would Know.....

✔️ How To Grow A Wedding Planning Business Without The Guess Work

✔️ How To Charge and Pricing For Your Services

✔️ Understanding Your Ideal Client and How To Attract Them 

✔️ Understanding Social Media For Your Business 

✔️ Important Skills and Essentials of A Wedding Planner

✔️ How To Market and Advertise Your Business

✔️ How To Form and Manage Vendor Relationships 

✔️ How To Grow Your Team 

✔️ How To Manage Crisis That Comes With Wedding Planning

✔️ How To Create An Effective Timeline

✔️ How To Create Your Proposal For Your Services 

✔️ How To A Cohesive Create A Brand That Stands Out 

✔️ Processes and Systems and Tools To Run Your Business 

✔️ Gain Clarity and Vision For Your Wedding Planning Business

✔️ Templates and Resources To Help You Grow a Sustainable Business

But above all else…

"The RAE Method will give you the confidence to finally be a successful wedding planner, understand your ideal client, know how to find them, how to charge for your services and how to run your business and serve your clients well."

J.Belzor Events

"What you learn while working with RAE Moments is that you do everything in excellence. RAE Moments teaches you that it’s about service over status. Anyone looking to excel their business, grow professionally and or have someone as a mentor, RAE Moments is the perfect platform. RAE Moments is truly a one stop shop to learn, share and grow! This has been a life changing experience for me and my business. The most important take away that I learned from RAE Moments is “collaboration over competition.” It reminded me to be humble and that we need one another in this business. It showed me how to become an event/wedding planner from start to finish and minimize the many mistakes one may make when starting."

Plain and Simple: THE RAE Method Transforms and It’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment (but not for long… )


Hilda-Calidad Destination

"The RAE moments provided great insights for me at a time when I was contemplating whether to start or not. Shile helped me identify my niche in the industry. Shile is always patient and willing to offer advise when needed. Thank you Shile for all your advise and encouragement."


DeeDee- 3Sixteevents

I had so many ideas but didn't know how to apply them in my business. The tools and tips Shile gave me not only helped me become a better event planner but also helped me overcome some of the insecurities I had with my ideas. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to learn and network with other like minded planners. Thank you Shile for everything!"

12 Monthly Payments Of



6 Monthly Payments Of



One Time Full Payment Of



Business Development 


  • How to Define Your Why 
  • How To Determine Your Ideal Client
  • Processes And Systems For Your Wedding Planning Business 
  • Developing the Right Brand For your Business

Marketing and Advertising 


  • Social Media For Your Wedding Business 
  • Advertising Your Wedding Business Beyond Social Media
  • How to Create A Winning Website 


  • Initial Client Call- How to engage and land a client on your initial client call
  • How To Charge- How do develop a pricing structure for your services
  • How To Create Your Client’s Wedding Budget
  • How To Create Your Service Offering Proposal
  • Things To Include In Your Wedding Planning Contract
  • Creating Your Welcome Packet
  • Wedding Planning Timeline Template


  • Building and Managing Vendor Relationships
  • Helping Clients Manage Their Wedding Payments Without Stress
  • Payment Breakdown- Downloadable Template
  • Couples Wedding Website Questionnaire- Downloadable Sample
  • Couples Guest List Template
  • Wedding Invitation Content-Downloadable Template
  • Thank You Email for Vendors- Downloadable Template
  • Vendor Feedback Survey- Downloadable Template
  • How to Engage a New Vendor- Downloadable Template
  • Reception Song List Request Form- Downloadable Template
  • Ceremony Song List Request Form- Downloadable Template
  • Wedding Weekend Packing List for a Couple- Downloadable Sample
  • 42 Gift Suggestion Ideas for Bridesmaids-Downloadable Sample
  • 39 Gift Suggestion Ideas for Groomsmen- Downloadable Samples

Execution And Production


  • Creating an Effective Event Timeline 
  • Building Your Event Team
  • Crisis Management
  • How to Create a Blueprint to Execute a Successful Wedding
  • How to Run a Wedding Rehearsal- Downloadable Template
  • Interview Questions for Hiring Your Team- Downloadable Template
  • Outline of Volunteer Expectation- Downloadable Template
  • Post an Event Survey for Your Team- Downloadable Template
  • Sample Team Meeting Agenda - Downloadable Template
  • Tip Sheet Suggestion- Downloadable Template
  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit- Downloadable Template
  • Communicating the Event Timeline to Vendors - Downloadable Template
  • Wedding Day Timeline Blank Template - Downloadable Template
  • Wedding Day Timeline Sample with a First Look- Downloadable Template
  • Wedding Day Timeline Sample NO First Look - Downloadable Template
  • Communicating the Event Timeline to the Wedding Party- Downloadable Template
  • Common Crisis You Can Avoid- Downloadable Template
  • Important Confirmation Questions for the Couple- Downloadable Template
  • Wedding Weekend Packet for Vendors and the Wedding party- Downloadable Template

Post Production 


  • Closing Out Strong
  • Things To Do When Your Event Ends
  • Gift Suggestions for Couples - Downloadable Sample


I am excited you will get to hear from other industry experts on essentials to help you grow as a wedding planner. 

Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts

-Dami Okuboyejo 

@bydamistudios @boxedbydami

  • The Art of Gifting for Your Client and Guest Experience and Marketing 

Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts

-Kunbi Sijo: Attorney

@kothecurator @perfete

  • Important Legal Information for Wedding Planning Business

Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts

-Patrick Chandler: Financial Advisor


  • Your Financial Health and Wellness 

Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts

-Lola Akingbade: Wedding Planner


  • Words of advice from seasoned planner. 

Bonus Interview With The RAE Team 

  • You get to hear directly from the RAE Affairs team on how to grow your team as well as best practices of a wedding planning company.

Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts

-Feyisola: Marketing Expert 

@feyisola @statuesqueevent @visibilityvault

  • Insights on marketing myths and successes to help you grow your wedding business

Bonus Interview With A Real Bride 

-Tiffany Murray 


  • Important tips and best practices from the clients point of view.

Frequent Questions your fellow planners asked before making the investment

12 Monthly Payments Of



6 Monthly Payments Of



One Time Full Payment Of



If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

This Is The Time 

I have been where you are and I know the journey can be hard when you are trying to grow as a wedding planner but I promise you it can be done and you have all it takes to grow a thriving business. Just like you, I needed to get the skills, tools and resources and I needed guidance.

I know you might be thinking, do I have the money to do this now? Is this the right time? YES and YES. This is 100% the time, to build your business. The investment you made in yourself now will yield great results for your future.......You can't afford not to take this step NOW.

I am excited and honored to be your mentor and guide along the journey. Are you ready to do this? THIS IS THE TIME.