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rtws tips weddingplanning Oct 19, 2020

Hi people, this week I will be sharing with you a tip on "what to do if"……….if you watched the intro video, then you guessed it already. What do you do when your bride is freaking out? I think this is a legitimate question I get often and sometimes as humans the tendency is to breakdown but as a wedding planner your response should be different. You can catch the full video and many others on the RTWS (Real Talk With Shile) segment on the website. In the meantime, here are some important tips you can hold on to:


  1. Don’t freak out: It seems like the obvious thing but when your bride is having a meltdown its normal to get worried. Deny the urge to freak out but choose to listen to her and allow her vent. Sometimes the art of being present makes all the difference.


  1. Focus on finding a solution: it is important to be the problem solver and not the instigator. After you have offered a listening ear, let your mind go into problem-solving mode. As a planner you will play roles you never anticipated, being a problem solver is one of our major roles so be ready to come up with ideas of how the problem can be fixed or how to calm your bride’s fears if an actual problem hasn’t happened. Remember you are the professional, so your bride is looking to you to fix things.


  1. Take inventory: If you have seen some of my content on the site you will hear me say this more than once, “learn from every mistake, even If it is not yours.” Make sure you take note of the issue that occurred and figure out ways to ensure it doesn’t happen again and save that information for future data.

It is not abnormal for a bride to freak out at one point before the wedding, with so many factors at play from family to vendors and finances sometimes it can feel like a lot. Your job as a planner is to be the calming force. It this season of Covid19 with so many wedding postponements and cancellations you can expect some panic from your brides. Help them through it by not freaking out, providing solutions, and taking inventory on how to approach it in the future. Until next time, Relax And Enjoy.

Love always, 



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