Embracing Change

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2022

They say change is a part of life, and phew this year has been full of them. Change is hard, it challenges you, it gets you out of your comfort zone and it causes you to grow. You get to a place where you realize the change is necessary, and no matter how uncertain the future is, you have to take the new road, however unsure, however afraid, you have to be willing to take the path; the road not taken.

I have spent the last few months in deep work personally while still having private sessions and working one on one with emerging wedding planners through my mentorship program. I welcome the change and embrace it and I am walking into the new chapters ahead with so much optimism and hope.

While growing your business you will experience a lot of change, especially in those first 1-5 years, change will be part of the process. You have to be flexible as you continue this journey as a wedding planner, you have to plan for change, accommodate it and find ways to allow the change to make you better as a business owner and as a wedding planner. I know being a new planner can sometimes feel like you are experiencing all these changes alone, but know you are not alone, everyone goes through it. To grow, change has to occur, so anticipate it and welcome it.

My hope for you is that this second half of the year you embrace all that is for you and you walk fully in it and towards the dreams you have for yourself and your business.



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