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gratitude november thankful Nov 01, 2020

Honestly, I cannot believe that the month of November is here already, in just another 8 weeks we will be saying 2021. This has been one long year, long and hard and most people are not sure how we made it here but I am so thankful to say Happy November to you 💖. 

When everyone talks about 2020 there is a lot of negativity we can speak of, for a lot of us in the wedding industry 2020 has been that year that stopped us from doing business. As a planner 2020 has also been an abnormality, because our job is to plan, and this year unraveled all of those plans. 

I believe we can approach the last 8 weeks of this year with a new perspective and that perspective is one of gratitude. What are you thankful for looking back on this year 2020?

-What can you say went well in spite of the chaos?

-What can you say you are grateful did not happen this year?

-What can you say you are grateful happened this year? 

-What good things have happened in your life this year? 

-What milestone have happened in your life or business this year? 

-What is your fondest memory from this year? 

-What is one thing you had never done that you did this year? 

All month long, I plan to highlight gratutude and thankfulness. The list of questions are exhaustive but what I want you to do is make a list of what you are thankful for in this year 2020. As I said, the negativity of this year is obvious but I want you to dig deeper beyond the bad and look for the good, find the diamond in the ruff, the silver lining and you will see you have something to be thankful for, so much more than you think. 

Join me this month and choose to find something to be thankful for each day 💖. 



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