How Are Your Sales Coming Along?


Recently I was talking to one of the wedding planners I mentor and she had questions about why her consultations were not yielding any results. I went on to have her talk to me about the process of her consultation so I could help identify if she was missing anything. 


I soon found out she was doing things well; responding quickly via email, transitioning to a call, and having a call that lasted about 45 minutes but yet something was missing. So I decided to do what I call a " demo consultation.' During the call, I had her pretend to be a client while I was the planner and she took her role seriously. She asked me some difficult questions she knew she was uncomfortable answering when clients asked.


After our demo session, she realized the missing link was her consultations wasn't impactful and she was not leaving a lasting impression to make them want to hire her. Following the steps is one thing but having a consultation where you connect personally with your couples is another thing. As more couples contact you for wedding planning services, you want to make sure you are able to remain memorable and effective. 


Remember wedding planning is a very personal decision. For someone to hire you, a complete stranger has to be more than just accolades. They have to feel they can connect with you, that they can trust you and they also have to be confident you can do the job. Of the 5 amazing planners they speak with, what will make them decide to hire you? How do you stand out? I do this by connecting with them on a personal level, finding moments I get to interject my strengths, personality, core values of the business, and get to show them in a relatable way why I should be the planner selected. A connection makes the world of a difference. 


I am thinking of having a webinar soon where I will demo a consultation live, look out for this soon đź’ž.


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