It's Been A While

It has been quite some time since I wrote a blog post. I can tell you a lot has been happening behind the scenes, personally and professionally. The business I founded RAE Affairs has taken a couple of different turns as I have been working on reshuffling the team and restructuring leadership. I knew it was going to take a lot but phewwwwww, I did not expect the number of curves and turns it took. 

Isn't that like the job of a planner? One minute you think you have everything planned out and the next minute you realize you have to go back to the drawing board. I have been back there a few times and while I am now navigating new leadership for the business I feel like I am charting the right course. 

In the midst of the busyness, I haven't given up on my love for teaching. Teaching other people how to achieve their dreams is wired into my DNA. Seeing others thrive in their passion is a beautiful feeling I can't explain. While I have been structuring and re-structuring I have kept up with engaging new and aspiring planners and I continue to pour into them and teach them. 

With the varying changes of leadership over the last couple of years and stepping out of the lead planner role to full educator and mentor for aspiring planners I questioned if I could still continue to mentor even though my role was changing in the leadership of RAE Affairs. Wrestling with this back and forth I had an epiphany that no matter what I have something to give; the years of experience, the desire to see others win, and the knowledge I have to pass on to others. I love to encourage others, inspire them, empower them, and let them know they can win, thrive and succeed. 

I am looking forward to continuing the charge to help people get started as wedding planners. Starting out can be daunting and I want to help people begin and chart the right path. Let's keep sailing, shall we :)


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