Happy New Month people, have you heard there is a wedding boom? It has been termed the boom of 22, but in reality, I think it Is here now. The residual effect of the pandemic was not only weddings moving and getting rescheduled but also one of the effects was newly engaged couples who held out on setting dates until restrictions were lifted. Now that things are starting to better with the pandemic, everyone is looking into having an event. From weddings to birthday parties, PEOPLE ARE BOOKING!


So how do you handle the demand of inquiries and consultations without being overwhelmed? One-word “SYSTEMS.” In the course “processes and systems for your wedding planning business” I share some important tools and that exist to make the job of wedding planning easier and more manageable.


One tool that will certainly get you together and keep you organized is Planning Pod. It is a great all-in-one event management software for event planners and venues, and it helps to simplify how you manage your events to remove the stress. Here is a highlight of what it can do for you:


Event CRM + Lead Management

Email Communications

Booking Calendar + Appointments

Floor Plan Builder

Task Manager

Client Portals

Proposals & Contracts

Invoices & Payments

Workflows & Automations

Food-&-Beverage Manager

Banquet Event Orders


Schedule & Itinerary Builder

Event Registrations

Attendee Management


If you are looking for a way to streamline the planning process and help you create a strong system to allow you to manage the influx of new clients without sacrificing organization, then consider using a CRM like planning pod to streamline your process so you can effectively plan weddings you have and have time to get new consultations.


All the best đź’ž


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