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Rest Is As Important As Work

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2020

"Sleep is for lazy people"

"Hustle all day every day" 

"What is sleep?"

"Grind all day every day" 

All of these and more are habits our culture glorifies, somehow we praise and elevate this idea that to be successful is to trade rest for hard work as if the two cannot co-exist. We glamorize the "hustle all day lifestyle" and brag about our inability to prioritize something our body needs. REST.

Sometimes we planners forget that as creative people, rest is like fuel and food to our creative process. We forget that we need to take care of our mind, soul, and body in order to give the best of ourselves to our clients. We forget that when we don't get rest we are not operating at our full capacity. No matter how amazing you perform, if you are not giving your body the rest it needs then there is a lot more potential in you yet to be unlocked.

Don't get me wrong I understand there are some seasons where we have deadlines and we need to push through to finish projects. But don't let that routine become your normal. You need rest, and knowing you need rest you have to prioritize it in your schedule like you do anything else. Aim to get at least 7 hours daily. If it is a priority to you, you will arrange everything else in your life around it. 

I want to encourage you on this holiday weekend to ensure you take some time this weekend to get some rest. You deserve it and trust me when I say you need it. 

Happy Post Thanksgiving, I hope you didn't eat as much as I did 😆


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