Restart the Engine

I recently had a mentoring session with a planner who lives outside of America and expresses that she felt like she started her business on the wrong foot. She had a passion for organizing things and she thought to herself she should become a planner. While she was right to follow her passion, she soon realized there was a lot she didn't quite know. 

During our time together I enjoyed learning about why she started and the vision of the type of planner and events she wants to do in the future. Our session was fulfilling for me because I got to see areas where she needed help and offer her advice and pointed her to tools to help her start over and reset. 

I realize it's unnerving to think you started something and realize you had no clue what you were getting into. This was why before I started out as a planner I took some courses on my own to ensure I was prepared for the road ahead and even at that, I still had my fair share of struggle. 

Most people have what it takes when they start, however, that natural talent still needs refining, and guidance in order to become a planner. It is especially so when you want to save yourself from the heartache of making mistakes and having challenges that could have been avoided. 

I am grateful she found me and I am grateful I was able to help and provide her with the resources she needed to get on the right track; and start afresh with renewed vision, passion, and a clear sense of direction to navigate the role of event planning. 


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