Set better boundaries. If the summer allowed you to maintain a better balance between home and work because of slower schedules, see if you can keep it up by setting boundaries around your work time. On the other hand, if having kids at home pulled you in the opposite direction -- being more available to your family with less time to focus on your work -- see if the back to school season can allow you to reset everyone’s expectations so you can accelerate your career growth without sacrificing quality family time.

*My Take-This is the perfect time to create a sustainable routine that you can handle. You might not get it right for the first few weeks but try out different variations that can help you create healthy boundaries between having a 9-5 job, running a wedding planning business, and also having a family. 

Get organized. In many ways, September is a much better time to start an organizational project than January. 

*My Take-This is the perfect time to work on your business instead of in your business.

Start (or change) your exercise routine. Getting up and running (pun intended) with a new exercise routine can be easier now than it will be in January. 

*My Take-Health is wealth; I don't want you to be only successful in your job but I also want you to find balance in life, and working out is one of the ways to help you do this. 

I hope you begin to work on the 2021 plans for your wedding planning business starting this September. I will love for you to share some with me on DM on Instagram.

Cheers To An Amazing September :)