The Start Of Something New

new goals Feb 01, 2022

I don’t usually admit this in public but I am (was) a huge fan of “high school musical” I will like to say this came out when I was in high school but sadly I was fully into college ๐Ÿ™ˆOne of my favorite songs from the movie was Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron was “the start of something new”



Living in my own world 

Didn't understand

That anything can happen

When you take a chance

I never believed in What I couldn't see

I never opened my heart

To all the possibilities……….

This could be the start of something new

I feel in my heart (feel in my heart)

The start of something new 



The hopeless romantic in me loves this song but as I read this now I see so much more. More than a song. I see myself at some point and I also see you. I know what it is to be at a crossroads when you have a dream to start something but you feel unsure. When I was going to start out as a wedding planner I had a lot of doubts, I really was living in my head, and could not see my dream of being a wedding planner as a reality. The moment I started to allow my heart open to the slight possibility that I could do it, something started to change. I did not have all the answers or have the full strategy, but it was as though that mindset of “yes I can,” was the first step in the right direction.


Maybe you are like me, maybe you just need to take your first step into believing you can do this. You don’t have to have all the answers but you can begin to allow your heart to feel it, allow your imagination to go there. What if this dream of being a wedding planner is not a crazy one after all, what if I can really truly do this……it’s time to go from wishing to doing.

Make this year be the year you take action and start your dreams!


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