The job of a wedding planner is tasking on your time and sometimes finding balance with work and life can be difficult. One thing I always recommend is making sure you have certain days during the week where you get to focus on working on your business and not just on your business.


It can get tricky and hard to do this because the demands of work never end. There is always that one extra thing you have to do for a client and one extra task that is outstanding and sometimes it feels like a lot to manage but I have learned in order to build a successful business you have to create structure around your work.


Choose one day a week where you don’t schedule meetings and you can use this day to focus on reviewing your goals for the business for that month or quarter and create plans and strategies on how to achieve them. You can use this to also create your social media posts, no client work just work you need to do for your business.


You can have a certain hour of the day may be the first one or two hours of your day you set aside for catching up on emails or mapping out the to do list for the day or when you review all your clients’ timelines and see what is due for the week.


You can also consider setting out a day or portion of the day week to work on client meetings.


My point here is if you are not setting out time to work on your business you will realize you spend all the time working in your business and realize you are not strategically and intentionally growing your business and measuring what is working and what isn’t and also not improving your processes and systems.


Ensure you have intentional time carved out which could be once a week, or daily for a specific amount of time you have allocated on your calendar. If you want your business to grow, do this religiously from the start; this is a habit you won’t regret creating.


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