You Asked and I Listened

Hi people, Happy New Month. It has been a  busy past few weeks here on RAE Moments and I have you to thank for that. I say it all that time that I love getting feedback because it helps me serve you better. I have been working hard over the last month on some of the feedback to ensure that I am more engaged with you weekly via email and also on social media. If you are not already doing so, please follow me on social media @raemoments. 

The last blog post was focused on building real collections with clients. The webinar I hosted on this topic was great. Some of the questions I received after the survey had an underlining theme, which was the question about "how to build and manage a relationship with vendors." I seem to get this question a lot so I decided to start a new series on Instagram live called "Moments With Vendors." 



Moments With Vendors is a series where wedding vendors discuss with planners on how to engage and build strong vendor relationships in order to execute successful events for their clients. 

This Tuesday, July 7th, I will be kicking off the series with non-other than a shero of mine the oh-so creative @bydamistudiosnyc If you have ever heard her speak you will know she is intentional, authentic and passionate. So come ready to learn from her and also ask some questions you have about how to engage and connect with vendors specifically someone who creates stationery/invitations. I am so excited about this, please tune in on IG live @raemoments at 5:30pm EST join the conversation and get the answer to any of your stationery questions. 


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