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love wedding planning Mar 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered if “loving what you do” is a criteria for success? I’ve been thinking a lot lately, so if I made $200,000 thousand dollars and I did not love what I did but it was a means to an end and all my bills were paid will that be "success"? I guess in a sense yes depending on your yardstick of measurement. From a financial standpoint absolutely but the question still remains do you have to love what you do to be successful?

In some professions, this might not apply as much but for the path we are choosing to take as planners, it is important to love what you do to be successful. This idea of success is not only what you define personally as "success" but as planners loving what you do is also the yardstick for what will keep you long term as a planner and also what will help you grow in spite of the bumps on the road.

The path of being a planner has its ups and downs; it's sleepless nights and never-ending tasks and you wear many hats so why else will you do all of that if you do not love it. If you decided to be a planner for any other reason but the love of it you will soon find that you don’t have a passion for it any longer. Heck……even if you decided to do this for the right reasons life’s challenges sometimes makes you question your decision.

So what I’m I saying? You have to always remain passionate and in love with the calling and path of being a planner and serving others. When your passion wears thin try to find things that make you fall in love all over again. One of the ways to grow and be sustained as a planner is to always remember why you do what you do and you have to use your love for it to push you through the good and the bad days.

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