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love wedding planning Mar 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered if “loving what you do” is a criteria for success? I’ve been thinking a lot lately, so if I made $200,000 thousand dollars and I did not love what I did but it was a means to an end and all my bills were paid will that be "success"? I guess in a sense yes depending on your yardstick of measurement. From a financial standpoint absolutely but the question still remains do you have to love what you do to be successful?

In some professions, this might not apply as much but for the path we are choosing to take as planners, it is important to love what you do to be successful. This idea of success is not only what you define personally as "success" but as planners loving what you do is also the yardstick for what will keep you long term as a planner and also what will help you grow in spite of the bumps on the road.

The path of being a planner has its ups and downs; it's sleepless nights and never-ending tasks and you wear many hats so why else...

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Create An Experience For Your Clients and Their Guests

With weddings being more intimate now a lot of what people are looking for beyond just a pretty space is experience.

I have been saying this for a while that people are looking for ways to enhance their guest's experience. What makes a wedding memorable for the guests is beyond how pretty the space looks; but how people felt at the wedding and even sometimes going as far as the entire wedding weekend.

As a planner, it is your job to think beyond the basic standard things but think about how you can elevate the guest experience within the client's budget and style. Your client might not know what it means to create an experience but it is your job to help them see.

Creating a guest experience is something that has to be intentionally planned and accurately budgeted. My philosophy is to keep guests comfortable, happy, well-fed, and entertained, those are recipes for a good event. With the rise of intimate weddings, this is something that is more achievable.

Here are some suggestions...

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Real Connections

We live in a time of a lot of exposure, from Instagram to Facebook, to Pinterest, and let me not forget my old and trusted friend google; there is so much more information clients have access to. There is an over-saturation of pictures and ideas and honestly most good planners have similar images. So, the question is what makes a couple select one planner in their area over the other? It is beyond the pretty pictures or the perfectly curated color-blocked page. It is all about a real connection. 

Picture by Quintessense Photography

I have run my wedding planning company successfully for over 10 years and I can honestly tell you that one thing that has made a difference for me besides by client acquisition process is I focus on making real connections with every potential couple. When clients are shopping for a planner, they are looking for more than titles, skills, and credentials (although this is important, and you absolutely should have the skill to take on this important...

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Welcome Back

 The last time you heard from me was 11 months ago. I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast. As 2019 was approaching last year I had plans, great plans on what I wanted to do especially in relation to mentoring and RAE Moments. The year started off rough with some personal setbacks but 2019 has also been a very amazing year in a lot of ways. The truth is I have been hiding something from you all for a while.


I am sure you are like whatttttttt, it’s not as bad as you think. What I have been hiding is a good thing. For the past 11 months, I have been building an online teaching platform for wedding planners. Phew, I am so glad I got it off my chest. It is not a secret anymore my people, is live and here to stay. 

If you have been rocking with me for a while, you know I have been teaching and mentoring for years but this year I decided I wanted to take the knowledge online.

 Don’t get me wrong I still love to mentor and coach but...

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