It's finally 2022! I absolutely love the holiday season because it is a time I get to unplug and be with family and just soak in all the joy of the season. My favorite thing to do is watch Christmas movies 🙈, even though they all have the same plot; I can't help myself. Now that the holiday is over, it is time to get back into the full swing of work. 


Most people come into a New Year with a lot of optimism and excitement and big plans for their businesses and lives. However, one thing we know for sure if that it is easy to lose momentum and lose track of your goals when things get busy with work and personal life. 


One thing I always recommend is not just making a list of your goals but making a list of things you know that can deter you from your goals. Ask yourself "how I'm I going to stay accountable for the things I have set out to do for my business this year?" What habits are you going to implement to ensure you become the person you said you were going to be.


Most importantly, how are you going to course correct when you find yourself slipping. This last question is extremely important; because it is grounded in reality. The reality is that life happens, and distractions come, and discouragement comes. So, how will you ensure that you know when you are getting distracted or discouraged and what systems are you going to put in place to ensure you are able to adjust your posture and reset so you are back on track?


I know I said a lot there but all of this is for you to think about, ponder on and put pen to paper to make sure you answer these questions so you are prepared in advance. I am very optimistic and excited about this new year and I wish you all a successful and fulfilling year not just in your business but also in your personal lives. 


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