Is Wedding Planning A Lucrative Job

money Feb 21, 2022

  This subject I will answer carefully because this one can be tricky. The short answer is yes; however, I will follow it quickly with a note that money cannot and should not be your main goal when you start out. If you are considering becoming a wedding planner and you are doing it simply for the money it will be easy to fall off.

Will you make money from this over time, yes! If you, do it right and plan it out well, you will make money from it but I will be honest with you it is a journey. You have to become a wedding planner out of your love to serve people because it is a service business and serving and helping your customers has to be your driving force. You have to have the gift for administration, organization, and planning in order to thrive at the job but you have to be willing to serve people.

Money will come but it cannot be your motivation, in the first step of my course for new wedding planners I stress the importance of determining your “why” before you begin because this is what will be your driving force as you grow. Some of the very successful planners I know who make over 6 figures from wedding planning are driven by their love to serve people and passion for organization. You can be successful, and you can make money as a wedding planner, but this should not be your motivation.


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