Newly Engaged Couples Are Calling, Are You Ready?

course planning proposal Jul 24, 2020

ARE YOU READY TO TALK WITH ENGAGED COUPLES? I am offering ✨50% OFF my proposal creation course✨. Use coupon code PROPOSAL. I hosted a webinar last month which focused on how to make connections with potential couples and make them convinced about hiring you as their planner from the first call. One of the key points that resonated with a lot of planners in attendance was the importance of having a proposal that represents your brand and clearly articulates your services to an interested client.

Photo by Dotun Ayodeji

I shared my philosophy on the webinar; which is, only share your proposal with a client after a consultation. You can have the most amazing consultation but never forget that the couple might not be the only decision-makers they might still need to talk it over with their parents before making the decision. Sometimes you might have a consultation with just the bride and she still needs to speak to the groom about your services. You want your proposal to also have the same impact on the couple as if they were having a consultation with you. Having a well-created proposal can help put a final stamp on their decision.


If you don’t already have a winning proposal, this is a time you absolutely need it. I have news for you. I will be ✨offering 50% OFF my proposal creation course✨. Use coupon code PROPOSAL. Don’t wait too long to get this and start building your proposal. 2021 couples are booking planners right now and one thing you will need to have is a proposal that helps you seal the deal. Sign up today!


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