Newly Engaged Couples Are Calling, Are You Ready?

course planning proposal Jul 24, 2020

ARE YOU READY TO TALK WITH ENGAGED COUPLES? I am offering 50% OFF my proposal creation course. Use coupon code PROPOSAL. I hosted a webinar last month which focused on how to make connections with potential couples and make them convinced about hiring you as their planner from the first call. One of the key points that resonated with a lot of planners in attendance was the importance of having a proposal that represents your brand and clearly articulates your services to an interested client.

Photo by Dotun Ayodeji

I shared my philosophy on the webinar; which is, only share your proposal with a client after a consultation. You can have the most amazing consultation but never forget that the couple might not be the only decision-makers they might still need to talk it over with their parents before making the decision. Sometimes you might have a consultation with just the bride and she still needs to speak to the groom about your services. You want your proposal to also have the...

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Into Your Own

grow planning Jun 18, 2020

There is something wonderful about coming into your own. It is like a beautiful melody that feels right with every tune. When the tune is paired with the perfect lyric; the moment when each word sits in place and surrenders to the tune in a way that says they are mean to be. Sometimes, in fact, it is accidental, sometimes it is a case of trial and error and then matter how you get there, we all have a time when it all starts to align and we notice that truly "I am coming into my own."

Photo Credit: Dotun Ayodeji 

One of the misconceptions about the idea of "coming into your own" is that you have to wait for the stars to align; you have to wait for the perfect moments to come to life before you can access this phase of your life. Right?.....Wrong! I truly believe that you have the responsibility of coming into your own. This is when you take charge and responsibility for your actions and you choose the path that isn't always the easiest but for the future gain...

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Should I Bother? -Webinar Q&A


I get this question so often from emerging wedding planners and I can totally relate. I hosted a webinar in January of 2020 on “4 things you need to know before starting as a wedding planner.” This question came up again, so I decided to write a blog post about it because I feel it is such an important topic to address (you can watch my video response to this question from the QandA session on the webinar).

Believe it or not, a lot of people who want to start out as planners feel the exact same way. In your heart, you really want to do this, but your mind is saying, “no, there are so many other people who do it so well so why bother?” I get it, but before you rule yourself out, come with me on this journey.

Close your eyes with me for a second and think about the major restaurants in your area (you can open now so you can keep reading lol). For my area DC, Maryland, and Virginia there are a lot of fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King,...

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