Wedding Planning Is A Job

 It sometimes feels strange that I have to stop and clarify this, but I think it is always necessary to do this often because we forget. When I started my company RAE Affairs, I did not always recognize it for what it was, a business. I never truly saw it as a job, but wedding planning is a whole profession.


Being a wedding planner is not a hobby and until you stop seeing it as a hobby you will not see the results you desire. Sometimes it is the little things, the smallest details that make the biggest difference. I say this often, but a wedding day is one of the most important days of a person’s life, no one wants a wedding planner who does not take it seriously.


Now I know you might be thinking, Shile I still need to keep my full-time job. I do not disagree; this is not a post to encourage you to quit your job. Instead, it is a post challenging you to put the same level of energy into your job as a wedding planner. You need to set goals for your business, plan out your financials for your business, invest in your business, outline the processes and systems for your business, have a working schedule of the amount of time you spend daily working on your business after hours of your full-time job.


A hobby is defined as something you do in your leisure time for pleasure. News flash, wedding planning is not always pleasurable and quite frankly if you left all the work to your leisure time you will not grow.


Say it out loud with me, “wedding planning is my job” for some people it is a part-time job, but it is a job all the same. Give time to your business during the week and not just on weekends. It could be as little as 2 hours a day during the week; be consistent you will start to see the investment of your time will make a difference. From today, train your mind to stop seeing your business as a hobby but as a job.


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