Patience Is Part Of The Process

inspiration planner Jul 13, 2020

Patience! That is such a strong word and it almost feels like when you hear someone say you need to be patient; it implies that your current state is opposite of that. As wedding planners and business owners, we work so hard on our business, and rightfully so we want to see our businesses succeed. Sometimes we put in so much work and when we do not see the results we get discouraged. 

I know exactly how it feels because for years I worked on my wedding planning business and I did not see the results as quickly as I wanted them to come. When I look back now over the last 10 years, I can see how each step led to the other and how certain experiences had to happen to empower me and propel me for the next.

Unfortunately, the need for speed is fueled by social media and we now have access to see what everyone else is doing and this breeds this unhealthy comparison culture where you think you are not making progress. I bring you some news today my people, Patience is part of the process, it is part of the journey. When I first started out, I was barely making any money but now I charge one hundred and fifty times more than I did before. We need to have those pockets in our stories as entrepreneurs where we grow and where we have to go through a period of excessing patience in our businesses to see them develop to where they need to be. 

Think about it, the majority of major brands we see in the world today ask their founders, they all had one point in time in their business where they had to be patient to see the business yield results. Let’s take for example the investor Barbara Corcoran from the show Shark Tank, she shared in a session how she almost sold her real estate company many years ago. At that time in her business, she was had not seen the financial success yet and she was offered about $50,000 for the business then which was more money than she had at the time. She did not accept the offer because she believed that if she was patient enough to see the company grow, she will yield more returns in the future. Fast forward to many years later she since sold the company for over 66 million dollars. It sounds crazy but she understood this principle of patience so well.


Patience is indeed a process and I want to encourage you today not to be discouraged or give up on your wedding planning business. If you are thinking about starting a wedding planning business or growing your existing wedding planning business, always approach it with the mindset that you need the patience to allow growth. No man plants a seed today and waits for it to generate and have fruit tomorrow. Allow patience to serve its course and keep putting in the work consistently in your business (like you will water a plant) and you will see this process come full circle.

Love always,
Shile Bello


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