Thrive Don't Survive


Hi people, I hope you are coping well in this season of Covid19. I started working on what I wanted to share with you this week and for a second I was stumped. Not because I don’t have tons of content, I have been itching to share but because the climate is so weird right now. In the spirit of full transparency, 70% of my events have been postponed to next year and I am like “wait what is going on?”


So, what is the most appropriate response in this moment for me, one word: THRIVE. I want you to be reminded that we are not created to merely survive but to “Thrive.” What does this mean in context to what is happening now? To thrive is to prosper, flourish, the Longman dictionary describes it as to enjoy or be successful in a particular situation, especially one that other people find difficult or unpleasant. 

One of the points I made in the webinar I had in January of 2020 “4 things you need to know before starting out as a wedding planner,” was the importance of knowing why you are going into the event industry and I emphasized that your “why” will carry you through the good and bad seasons. Well, news flash, this right here is one of those “bad seasons.”

So, what do you do? You remind yourself why you decided to be a planner and keep that “why” in your forefront over the next few months because you will need it. Also, this is not time to get down in the dumps, this is time to innovate, this is time to work twice as hard and work on things in your business that need improvement, and this is time to build new skills.

I am incredibly proud of people who have taken the bold step in this season to purchase my courses because they have chosen to see this time of being quarantined as a time to develop the skills they need. This, my people is one of the ways you thrive; no moment lost.


This is also a time not to get distracted by what others are doing. In order to be successful in this time, you need laser focus, allow yourself creatively grow, and develop new streams of income for your business. I know in this season so many people are spending time on social media because of boredom, but my people, don’t let that be us. Don’t give away the precious hours of your time to social media. See this time as valuable and if not more precious than when life was happening as we knew it to be.

To thrive you have to dig deep, and relentlessly seize the opportunities in front of you. It is very much mind over matter, be determined to thrive no matter what. When it is all said and done and this season of covid19 is over I want it to be said of you and me that we did not just survive but we thrived.  

Love Always.

Shile Bello


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