Wedding Season

After the last few weeks of constant snow and as February comes to an end soon I am reminded that warmer days are ahead and that means the wedding season will begin soon. I am excited for all the beautiful things to come out of 2021 weddings and I hope you are too. 


Here are a few tips to remember as the wedding season begins:

1. FOCUS: It is important to focus on finishing up your planning details early. 2021 weddings will not be typical because of the pandemic so it is important you get things done early and don't work with regular timelines as you would have before the pandemic. Your couples have enough to worry about with the changes of the covid restrictions so do your part to get the planning deadlines done ahead of time so they have less to worry about. 

2. OVER COMMUNICATE: This is a time where your couples need your full attention and their guests also have a lot of questions; so make sure you communicate with them often. A week should not go by without your couple hearing from you. Also, ensure you are communicating with guests and letting them know of any changes due to the pandemic; additionally for guests flying in you should ensure they are aware of any testing requirements in advance so they are prepared. 

3. BE FLEXIBLE: One reason why I want you to work on getting things done ahead of your deadline is that you never know what can happen. Prepare your mind to be flexible and ready to make changes based on whatever arises. 

4. BE PATIENT: Most couples are just getting around to the idea that they can proceed with their weddings in-spite of the pandemic. As couples start to see more weddings happen from the start of spring, expect there will be an increase in bookings. Don't be too hard on yourself if you have not booked all the clients you want for this year, just keep showing up daily, putting yourself out there, and rocking your consultations. With time you will start to book more clients. 


Wishing you all the best đź’•


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