Do You Need A Degree To Be A Wedding Planner?

education Feb 28, 2022

I get asked this question often. People wonder if they need to get a degree or if there is such a thing as a bachelor’s degree in wedding planning? The honest answer is no, you don’t need to get a degree to be a wedding planner. However, I will be clear to say you do need to get training.


Just like with any new field, you might have an interest in, you have to ensure you get adequate training and education. Wedding planning is no different, although you might have a passion for it and know some basic information there you need to ensure you have undergone training and education in order to become a wedding planner.


My philosophy is this, a wedding is one of the most significant days of a person’s life and a huge financial investment for them; you should never approach it lackadaisically. To be a wedding planner, you are paid as the “expert” to plan and execute the wedding, if you haven’t gotten the training, skills, education, and...

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