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Create An Experience For Your Clients and Their Guests

With weddings being more intimate now a lot of what people are looking for beyond just a pretty space is experience.

I have been saying this for a while that people are looking for ways to enhance their guest's experience. What makes a wedding memorable for the guests is beyond how pretty the space looks; but how people felt at the wedding and even sometimes going as far as the entire wedding weekend.

As a planner, it is your job to think beyond the basic standard things but think about how you can elevate the guest experience within the client's budget and style. Your client might not know what it means to create an experience but it is your job to help them see.

Creating a guest experience is something that has to be intentionally planned and accurately budgeted. My philosophy is to keep guests comfortable, happy, well-fed, and entertained, those are recipes for a good event. With the rise of intimate weddings, this is something that is more achievable.

Here are some suggestions of areas to think about how you can help your client's wedding to be an experience:

-Welcome bags with a personalized note

-Live music is always a good idea at the ceremony and or reception

-Food is an important element at any event, ensure guests are well fed at all times, and also consider all dietary needs.

-Welcome table display/Guest entrance

-Seating Arrangements

-Live painting

-Beautiful decor

-Have a well-decrorated photo backdrop where guests will want to stand and take pictures

-Food truck at the end-of-the-night


-Have a favor station where guests can walk into and pick out meaningful favors

-Have individual cakes

-Desert station

-Build a boutonnière bar

-Have a flower station at the end of the night with vases and water for guest to take flowers home

-Surprise guests with a handwritten thank you note in each place card

-Incorporate Fun and Games in the reception program or during the cocktail hour.

-For out of town guests plan a fun activity one of the days before the wedding or give them a suggestion of things to do in the area

-Have an entertaining and engaging MC

-Have comfortable dancing shoes

Encourage the couple to be true to who they are, ask questions about their personality, likes and dislikes, and hobbies, and find ways to incorporate things that are peculiar to them in the look and feel and overall agenda of the wedding day or wedding weekend.


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