Create An Experience For Your Clients and Their Guests

With weddings being more intimate now a lot of what people are looking for beyond just a pretty space is experience.

I have been saying this for a while that people are looking for ways to enhance their guest's experience. What makes a wedding memorable for the guests is beyond how pretty the space looks; but how people felt at the wedding and even sometimes going as far as the entire wedding weekend.

As a planner, it is your job to think beyond the basic standard things but think about how you can elevate the guest experience within the client's budget and style. Your client might not know what it means to create an experience but it is your job to help them see.

Creating a guest experience is something that has to be intentionally planned and accurately budgeted. My philosophy is to keep guests comfortable, happy, well-fed, and entertained, those are recipes for a good event. With the rise of intimate weddings, this is something that is more achievable.

Here are some suggestions...

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I Took My Own Advice

advice opportunities May 07, 2020

Hi people, Happy New Month. It has been a few weeks since I shared something with you. The very last post I shared, was about the importance of having a mindset to thrive in a season where others are trying to survive. So I decided to take my own advice "allow yourself to creatively grow and develop." I did just that by taking a break "to dig deep, and relentlessly seize the opportunities in front of me." 

The time off was necessary and I never in a million years thought that come May, we will still be in quarantine state........but here we are. One of the things this season has taught me the most is the importance of digging deeper. It is no lie when they say you never know what you are capable of until life requires you to know. 

I have learned that daily we are presented with options, some of which are glaring and others which are subtle but it takes us recognizing these random options as opportunities for us to rise to the challenge. Success is...

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A lot of times when we think of the word "compassion" it's usually in the context of family and friends. Have you ever thought of the word compassion for your clients? That’s what I want to focus on today.

Compassion is defined as a sympathetic concern for others. Other ways to describe compassion is empathy, kindness, consideration, showing understanding. An article in “Huffington Post” broke it down so well as it described eight signs you a compassionate person:

  1. You find commonalities with other people
  2. You don’t put emphasis on money
  3. You act on empathy
  4. You are kind to yourself
  5. You teach others
  6. You are mindful
  7. You have high emotional intelligence
  8. You express gratitude

Compassion is a trait some readily have but it is also a trait that can be developed if it doesn't come naturally to you.

When I started out with this post I thought it was going to be one part but I got half way and felt,  wow a lot has been said already by looking at these eight signs....

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