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What if you could create your wedding day timelines in half the time?

How many hours would that save you over the course of a year? And how could you use all those saved hours to build your business?

If you're excited by the idea of saving hours on your timelines, then I want to invite you to join an upcoming FREE Webinar: How to Create Your Wedding Day Timelines in Half the Time.

This 60-minute webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 21st, at 12pm Eastern Standard Time, and you can reserve your seat HERE.

If you've ever felt like timelines are a tedious part of your job... or if you've ever wished for a faster, easier, stress-free way to create your timelines... then this Webinar is for you!

When you attend this FREE webinar, you're going to:
- Discover how to create your wedding day timelines in half the time it currently takes.
- Learn 3 powerful ways to build more trust and earn more praise from your clients and vendors.
- Gain confidence and eliminate stress when you...

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Let's Talk About Pricing

pricing webinar Aug 23, 2020

Hi planners, I am going to get right into it, no teasing. I am having a free webinar this week     I am super excited about this one because I know it is something on a lot of people's mind. Do you want to take a guess?

Drum roll, please 

If you guessed something about pricing, then you guessed right  

I have been meeting with aspiring and emerging wedding planners all through the month of August and one thing that is common to everyone is the need to figure out the best way to price for services and the best way to articulate their pricing. 

Who else is tired of giving out discounts to any and everyone   

I tell you guys all the time I was that girl ‍ I was always giving out discounts without understanding how it affected my bottom line and half the time I realized I was getting paid only enough to pay my team. That was a frustrating cycle that lasted in my business for a longggggggg time until I was tired of it ‍. I...

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