Look Around You

Success is when preparation meets opportunity-Zig Ziglar......so my question to you my people is when success comes knocking will you be prepared? 

Hi people, I hope you have taken some time to meditate on my question from the last blog post. I needed to pour myself a cut of tea while thinking about this question. I felt like it was screaming at me. Raise your hand if you felt the same way, hahaha trust me, we are all in this together. 

What is the significance of that question you wonder? For me, this question has become even more important in this season Covid19 where the fast pace of life has slowed down and we are facing a lot of uncertainty about what the postcovid19 world will look like. I don't know if I am alone, but I believe we will all be surrounded by new opportunities. Of course, things will be different, and we will all be affected but in the midst of the crisis there will be opportunities. 

The only way we can hit the sweet spot of success is if we are...

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I Took My Own Advice

advice opportunities May 07, 2020

Hi people, Happy New Month. It has been a few weeks since I shared something with you. The very last post I shared, was about the importance of having a mindset to thrive in a season where others are trying to survive. So I decided to take my own advice "allow yourself to creatively grow and develop." I did just that by taking a break "to dig deep, and relentlessly seize the opportunities in front of me." 

The time off was necessary and I never in a million years thought that come May, we will still be in quarantine state........but here we are. One of the things this season has taught me the most is the importance of digging deeper. It is no lie when they say you never know what you are capable of until life requires you to know. 

I have learned that daily we are presented with options, some of which are glaring and others which are subtle but it takes us recognizing these random options as opportunities for us to rise to the challenge. Success is...

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