One challenge I had with inquires via email was it sometimes felt like a back of forth of many different emails to the potential client to get a meeting confirmed.


Some emails would go something like this:

Couple: Hello, my name is Nini, I would like to find out more about your services for my wedding next year.

Me: Hello Nini, congratulations on your engagement and thank you so much for reaching us to RAE Affairs. This must be an exciting time, what’s your fiancé’s name? We will love to talk with you about your wedding vision, please let us know a good time for you to talk. Thank you.

Couple: Thank you for the response Shile, my fiancé's name is Josh, I am available to talk anytime from 3pm-6pm on Thursday.

Me: Thank you for the feedback Nini it is great hearing from you, unfortunately, Thursday won’t work because we have a food tasting at that time. Does anytime on Friday or Saturday work for you? I am pretty open and flexible for both...

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Real Connections

We live in a time of a lot of exposure, from Instagram to Facebook, to Pinterest, and let me not forget my old and trusted friend google; there is so much more information clients have access to. There is an over-saturation of pictures and ideas and honestly most good planners have similar images. So, the question is what makes a couple select one planner in their area over the other? It is beyond the pretty pictures or the perfectly curated color-blocked page. It is all about a real connection. 

Picture by Quintessense Photography

I have run my wedding planning company successfully for over 10 years and I can honestly tell you that one thing that has made a difference for me besides by client acquisition process is I focus on making real connections with every potential couple. When clients are shopping for a planner, they are looking for more than titles, skills, and credentials (although this is important, and you absolutely should have the skill to take on this important...

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