One challenge I had with inquires via email was it sometimes felt like a back of forth of many different emails to the potential client to get a meeting confirmed.


Some emails would go something like this:

Couple: Hello, my name is Nini, I would like to find out more about your services for my wedding next year.

Me: Hello Nini, congratulations on your engagement and thank you so much for reaching us to RAE Affairs. This must be an exciting time, what’s your fiancé’s name? We will love to talk with you about your wedding vision, please let us know a good time for you to talk. Thank you.

Couple: Thank you for the response Shile, my fiancé's name is Josh, I am available to talk anytime from 3pm-6pm on Thursday.

Me: Thank you for the feedback Nini it is great hearing from you, unfortunately, Thursday won’t work because we have a food tasting at that time. Does anytime on Friday or Saturday work for you? I am pretty open and flexible for both...

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Making The Best First Impression

Did you hear......I released a new FREE downloadable template this month? I want to make sure my people get a chance to snag it too. Grab your copy HERE.

I can’t stress enough the importance of making a great first impression. The world we live in is fast-paced and most times you have less than 5 seconds to grab people’s attention. When a couple reaches out to you to plan their wedding, they have taken time out of their schedule to figure out if you will be the right fit for them. So, make it count!

I get questions from new planners all the time wondering what it is they are doing wrong and why it seems they are not booking the right clients or why they are having consultations, but that are not leading to any sales. When I seat with them and inquire further, I have found that sometimes the issue is they are not asking the “right questions.”

Trust me I was there too. The more I practiced talking with clients the more comfortable I got and the more I could...

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