Into Your Own

grow planning Jun 19, 2020

There is something wonderful about coming into your own. It is like a beautiful melody that feels right with every tune. When the tune is paired with the perfect lyric; the moment when each word sits in place and surrenders to the tune in a way that says they are mean to be. Sometimes, in fact, it is accidental, sometimes it is a case of trial and error and then matter how you get there, we all have a time when it all starts to align and we notice that truly "I am coming into my own."

Photo Credit: Dotun Ayodeji 

One of the misconceptions about the idea of "coming into your own" is that you have to wait for the stars to align; you have to wait for the perfect moments to come to life before you can access this phase of your life. Right?.....Wrong! I truly believe that you have the responsibility of coming into your own. This is when you take charge and responsibility for your actions and you choose the path that isn't always the easiest but for the future gain...

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Renew Your Mind


Hi people, Shile here reporting live from Covid-19 quarantine state day 8……….okay jokes aside it is officially day 8 since I have been home trying to adhere to the guidelines from the Maryland government about social distancing. Needless to say, these are interesting times indeed!


One of my mentees has all her events in the fall and I said to her “girl you are so lucky.” I, on the other hand, has been dealing with postponement plans and the effects it has on the clients. I have spent the last few days talking a lot with my event planner friends and other industry professionals and one thing that everyone is trying to do is take it a day at a time. One question on a lot of people’s minds is what to do now that you are home for the next couple of weeks. 

You know your girl; I am all about resting in times like this, but I also really think one thing we should all do is see this time as an opportunity to “RENEW OUR...

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