Wedding Season

After the last few weeks of constant snow and as February comes to an end soon I am reminded that warmer days are ahead and that means the wedding season will begin soon. I am excited for all the beautiful things to come out of 2021 weddings and I hope you are too. 


Here are a few tips to remember as the wedding season begins:

1. FOCUS: It is important to focus on finishing up your planning details early. 2021 weddings will not be typical because of the pandemic so it is important you get things done early and don't work with regular timelines as you would have before the pandemic. Your couples have enough to worry about with the changes of the covid restrictions so do your part to get the planning deadlines done ahead of time so they have less to worry about. 

2. OVER COMMUNICATE: This is a time where your couples need your full attention and their guests also have a lot of questions; so make sure you communicate with them often. A week should not go by without...

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Positioned For A Win

As the year comes to an end, and we are in the season of festivities with the holidays all I want to do sometimes is slow all the way down. I want to kick up my feet, Netflix and chill all day every day till 2021. I tell myself when 2021 starts I will start to achieve all my goals. I don't know if I am by myself, but this is how I feel but I have learned to push past my feelings and do what is necessary. 


I want you all to end this year with the mindset that this is a time to reposition yourself for the win you want to see in 2021. These coming days where most of you will have a break from work, I want you to take advantage of them and get your house in order. By house, I mean get your business in order. What are things you still need to do to prepare for the type of year you have envisioned for 2021? 


Don't waste the time in front of you, put it to good use. Finish any courses you have started, make sure all your processes and systems are in place,...

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Wedding Planning Is A Job

 It sometimes feels strange that I have to stop and clarify this, but I think it is always necessary to do this often because we forget. When I started my company RAE Affairs, I did not always recognize it for what it was, a business. I never truly saw it as a job, but wedding planning is a whole profession.


Being a wedding planner is not a hobby and until you stop seeing it as a hobby you will not see the results you desire. Sometimes it is the little things, the smallest details that make the biggest difference. I say this often, but a wedding day is one of the most important days of a person’s life, no one wants a wedding planner who does not take it seriously.


Now I know you might be thinking, Shile I still need to keep my full-time job. I do not disagree; this is not a post to encourage you to quit your job. Instead, it is a post challenging you to put the same level of energy into your job as a wedding planner. You need to set goals for your business,...

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A Quarter View

Hi planners, back in September I charged everyone to start working on the plans for 2021 for their businesses. If you will like to see that blog post click here 

Here is a quick snippet:

"This September I want you to write out the plans for your business for 2021. Think about what dreams and desires and goals you want for your business.

-What type of weddings do you want to do in 2021?

-What type of clients will you like to serve in 2021?

The question is what can you do now in the last months of this year to help set you up in the right position to achieve that goal by January 2021?" 

You should read the full blog post, I share some reflections from Forbes about 11 ways you can prepare. 

For today's post starting off the week and as the year comes to an end I want to make sure you did not read the post but you actually put it to work. I want to also push you a little further and ask that you break up the year into quarters. There are 4 quarters in the year...

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You Need Some RAE Time


Hi there planners, I figured I will start the week the same way I ended it last week because the message of Rest is essential. But for this weekend, I want to remind you to rest but also enjoy yourself, it is time to Relax And Enjoy. 

Finding time to rest is vital but also finding time to do things you enjoy is equally as important. Growing up I was always told, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." I am not sure who jack is ‍but you get where I am going with this. Finding time to do something you love helps to infuse joy in your life and it also boosts your creativity. 

Spending quality time with my husband and kids is one of those things that I do to RAE, I also love just laying down watching a romantic movie or two. Sometimes I love to seat and journal and other times I love to take a long walk in my neighborhood.

Whatever you do, make sure this weekend you prioritize time to rest, Relax And Enjoy. 

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Make It Count

I can't believe it is already December, 2020 is almost gone. I know since the start of the year a lot of the rhetoric has been "throw 2020 away" well it is almost gone. But not so fast we have 31 days to go and I want you to make it count. 


This is officially engagement season and it is time for you to get to work and start having consultations with newly engaged couples. Are you prepared to do this? How are you positioning yourself to attract new clients? If you need help in this regard I have a discount on the marketing and advertising bundle you can access today at a discount. Today is the last day for the discount so take advantage of it today. 

I really want to see you win, so I am offering you a free download of 36 questions to ask an engaged couple on your first consultation. You can get this today for free by clicking the link HERE

Happy Monday Planners, let's make the end of the year count. 

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Rest Is As Important As Work

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2020

"Sleep is for lazy people"

"Hustle all day every day" 

"What is sleep?"

"Grind all day every day" 

All of these and more are habits our culture glorifies, somehow we praise and elevate this idea that to be successful is to trade rest for hard work as if the two cannot co-exist. We glamorize the "hustle all day lifestyle" and brag about our inability to prioritize something our body needs. REST.

Sometimes we planners forget that as creative people, rest is like fuel and food to our creative process. We forget that we need to take care of our mind, soul, and body in order to give the best of ourselves to our clients. We forget that when we don't get rest we are not operating at our full capacity. No matter how amazing you perform, if you are not giving your body the rest it needs then there is a lot more potential in you yet to be unlocked.

Don't get me wrong I understand there are some seasons where we have deadlines and we need to push through to finish...

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A Little Something For Black Friday

As we are all aware wedding planning during the pandemic has been filled with a lot of postponements and cancellations. It is important to ensure you are equipped with the right information as the second surge is coming.

One thing I have learned is that this season has shown a lot of business owners how unprepared we have been for this type of change, but ignorance is no longer an excuse for events postponed due to the second wave.

This is why I am sharing with you this wonderful FREE offer that came my way from Legally Set. Make sure you make use of this Free Rescheduling Amendment (courtesy of legally set) for your future postponements. 

You can download your copy today through this direct link DOWNLOAD 

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I'm In A Giving Mood 🎁🎁🎁

Happy Thanksgiving planners, I told you it is engagement season and I have already started to see people sharing engagement videos this week. For you as a wedding planner, this is great news because this means more bride and grooms need your services. 

But the magic question are they going to hire you if they cannot find you? 

This is why I am offering you 10% off the Marketing and Advertising Module of the RAE Method which consists of 3 amazing courses that are focused on how you can position yourself to be found this season. This offer ends at midnight today; take advantage of the sale now before it's too late. Use code: RAEGIVING

  • Social Media for Your Wedding Business
  • Advertising Beyond Social Media
  • Creating a Winning Website for Your Wedding Business.


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Do You Have A Legally Binding Contract?

Hi planners, who is ready for a treat? So just like you when I started I struggled with getting a wedding planning contract that made me feel comfortable and secured. I didn’t have the funds to hire a lawyer and I always wondered if the generic information I found online and put into a document was really legal.

Well, no need to fear I have a solution for you that you will love. My attorney is the creator of an amazing website with templates and contracts for creatives in the event industry that will have you “Legally Set” at a fantastic price. 

There is a contract template specifically for you as an event planner and you can have access to it today. The good news is because she is my attorney I am able to get you 20% off this course by using my code RAEMETHOD.

Consider it my Thanksgiving gift to you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you enjoy your time with your family.

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