Create An Experience For Your Clients and Their Guests

With weddings being more intimate now a lot of what people are looking for beyond just a pretty space is experience.

I have been saying this for a while that people are looking for ways to enhance their guest's experience. What makes a wedding memorable for the guests is beyond how pretty the space looks; but how people felt at the wedding and even sometimes going as far as the entire wedding weekend.

As a planner, it is your job to think beyond the basic standard things but think about how you can elevate the guest experience within the client's budget and style. Your client might not know what it means to create an experience but it is your job to help them see.

Creating a guest experience is something that has to be intentionally planned and accurately budgeted. My philosophy is to keep guests comfortable, happy, well-fed, and entertained, those are recipes for a good event. With the rise of intimate weddings, this is something that is more achievable.

Here are some suggestions...

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September Is The New January

entrepreneur Sep 08, 2020

I don't know if you have heard this before, but you don't have to wait for January to begin planning for the New Year. In fact, you might be surprised to know that research shows that September is a better time to start to plan for the projections of your companies next season. Maybe it's something about the seasons changing or the school year starting or just the feeling of knowing there are 4 months till the end of the year that makes people more focused. I am not sure what it is, but I have learned as a business owner not to wait till January. 

This September I want you to write out the plans for your business for 2021. Think about what dreams and desires and goals you want for your business.

-What type of weddings do you want to do in 2021?

-What type of clients will you like to serve in 2021?

The question is what can you do now in the last months of this year to help set you up in the right position to achieve that goal by January 2021? 

Here are some great...

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Let's Talk About Pricing

pricing webinar Aug 24, 2020

Hi planners, I am going to get right into it, no teasing. I am having a free webinar this week     I am super excited about this one because I know it is something on a lot of people's mind. Do you want to take a guess?

Drum roll, please 

If you guessed something about pricing, then you guessed right  

I have been meeting with aspiring and emerging wedding planners all through the month of August and one thing that is common to everyone is the need to figure out the best way to price for services and the best way to articulate their pricing. 

Who else is tired of giving out discounts to any and everyone   

I tell you guys all the time I was that girl ‍ I was always giving out discounts without understanding how it affected my bottom line and half the time I realized I was getting paid only enough to pay my team. That was a frustrating cycle that lasted in my business for a longggggggg time until I was tired of it ‍. I...

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entrepreneur Aug 17, 2020

It is a new week and I thought to start it off with a very important message for you "Make A Decision To Choose You." I learned this idea over the years, the importance of choosing yourself daily. As a business owner, wife, mother of two with varying other life responsibilities I found that my default was always doing things for others and never choosing to do things for myself. The decision to choose you does not mean you are not present for other people, but it is a choice to ensure that you are not forgetting yourself.


The decision to “choose you” is taking a step daily towards the person you have imagined to be, to build the company you have dreamt of, and to live the life you desire to live. For me, I have found that I need to make a cautious decision to wake up earlier so I can have an hour or two to myself to do something that matters to me, like prayer and exercise and other days I choose to do a project on my short or long term goals and devote my first...

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Sprinkling Some Goodness for August

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2020

August has been an amazing month so far. I started it off with having one on one meeting with planners from all over the country and I want to extend that to you.

I want to sprinkle some kindness around and bring some hope this month of August. I am offering a FREE mentorship session limited to only a few planners in the month of August. I have helped many wedding planners not only with starting their businesses but provided mentorship and counsel to planners who were looking to grow their existing business. The spots are very limited.

The sessions will last for an hour - an hour and a half; during that time we will be talking about your business and focusing on questions you have about it and the areas, you need advice. The best part is these sessions are free. My aim is for it to be of benefit to you so please come prepared with questions you have and let’s have some fun.


If you are interested in taking part in this limited offer, you can sign up HERE

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Let's Become Family

rae club Aug 03, 2020

One of the reasons I started RAE Moments was to build a community of wedding planners who support each other on their journey. When I started out my business I did not have a place I could ask questions and get suggestions and the daily support I needed.

I never had a guide, let alone a community of other people to lean on. I never had a mentor with over 10 years of experience that was willing to share and be present. I want to invite you to join my Facebook community and get the support, guidance, and engaging insight you need as you continue to grow as a planner.


Why become part of the group? You get to be part of a community of other wedding planners on the same journey as you. It is a safe space where you get to ask questions, engage with each other by sharing ideas and insights and I will also be engaged weekly from live videos to weekly check-ins and Q&A sessions, you will be empowered, inspired and you will grow.

The RAE Club is a place to ask questions,...

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Newly Engaged Couples Are Calling, Are You Ready?

course planning proposal Jul 24, 2020

ARE YOU READY TO TALK WITH ENGAGED COUPLES? I am offering 50% OFF my proposal creation course. Use coupon code PROPOSAL. I hosted a webinar last month which focused on how to make connections with potential couples and make them convinced about hiring you as their planner from the first call. One of the key points that resonated with a lot of planners in attendance was the importance of having a proposal that represents your brand and clearly articulates your services to an interested client.

Photo by Dotun Ayodeji

I shared my philosophy on the webinar; which is, only share your proposal with a client after a consultation. You can have the most amazing consultation but never forget that the couple might not be the only decision-makers they might still need to talk it over with their parents before making the decision. Sometimes you might have a consultation with just the bride and she still needs to speak to the groom about your services. You want your proposal to also have the...

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Patience Is Part Of The Process

inspiration planner Jul 13, 2020

Patience! That is such a strong word and it almost feels like when you hear someone say you need to be patient; it implies that your current state is opposite of that. As wedding planners and business owners, we work so hard on our business, and rightfully so we want to see our businesses succeed. Sometimes we put in so much work and when we do not see the results we get discouraged. 

I know exactly how it feels because for years I worked on my wedding planning business and I did not see the results as quickly as I wanted them to come. When I look back now over the last 10 years, I can see how each step led to the other and how certain experiences had to happen to empower me and propel me for the next.

Unfortunately, the need for speed is fueled by social media and we now have access to see what everyone else is doing and this breeds this unhealthy comparison culture where you think you are not making progress. I bring you some news today my people, Patience is part of the...

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You Asked and I Listened

Hi people, Happy New Month. It has been a  busy past few weeks here on RAE Moments and I have you to thank for that. I say it all that time that I love getting feedback because it helps me serve you better. I have been working hard over the last month on some of the feedback to ensure that I am more engaged with you weekly via email and also on social media. If you are not already doing so, please follow me on social media @raemoments. 

The last blog post was focused on building real collections with clients. The webinar I hosted on this topic was great. Some of the questions I received after the survey had an underlining theme, which was the question about "how to build and manage a relationship with vendors." I seem to get this question a lot so I decided to start a new series on Instagram live called "Moments With Vendors." 



Moments With Vendors is a series where wedding vendors discuss with planners on how to engage and build strong vendor...

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Into Your Own

grow planning Jun 19, 2020

There is something wonderful about coming into your own. It is like a beautiful melody that feels right with every tune. When the tune is paired with the perfect lyric; the moment when each word sits in place and surrenders to the tune in a way that says they are mean to be. Sometimes, in fact, it is accidental, sometimes it is a case of trial and error and then matter how you get there, we all have a time when it all starts to align and we notice that truly "I am coming into my own."

Photo Credit: Dotun Ayodeji 

One of the misconceptions about the idea of "coming into your own" is that you have to wait for the stars to align; you have to wait for the perfect moments to come to life before you can access this phase of your life. Right?.....Wrong! I truly believe that you have the responsibility of coming into your own. This is when you take charge and responsibility for your actions and you choose the path that isn't always the easiest but for the future gain...

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